Emilio Segrč Observatory - Mt. Hermon - Israel

The Observatory is installed inside a mobile Laboratory. The Cosmic Ray Neutron Monitor (6NM-64) was prepared in Rome in the frame of the Israelo-Italian Collaboration, mounted inside the mobile Laboratory and transferred to Israel in June 1998.

From June 1998 the Israelo-Italian Observatory (33°18.3¢N, 35°47.2¢E, 2025 m a.s.l., Rc=10.8 GV) is working properly, furnishing computer-based one-minute data of cosmic ray neutron intensity (from two separate 3NM-64 sections) and neutron multiplicities ³1, ³2, ³3, ³4, ³5, ³6, ³7 and ³8, as well as data on air pressure, internal temperature and humidity, low voltage supplies for electronics and high voltage supply for neutron counters.

From January 1999 we put in operation the detectors of wind speed (for determining Bernoulli effect on barometric pressure) and of external air temperature (for tentatively correcting the data for temperature effect).  From May 1999 a detector of atmospheric electric field EFS 1000 started to operate (to investigate the atmospheric electric field influence on cosmic ray intensity).  The Observatory was named in honor of the Italian scientist, winner of Nobel Prize, Emilio Segrč (1905-1989).  Data are transmitted each minute to the Israel Cosmic Ray Center (ICRC) by Radio Modem.

In Figure we show a block scheme of the main components of the Emilio Segrč Observatory